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A couple of weeks ago, during a marathon of Home Improvement shows after moving to our new house (half the reason why  I’ve not blogged!) I came across the advert for Pink Clove. A clothing brand that caters only for plus size girls.

I’ve had a brief look at the usual suspects for plus size clothing (Simply be and Asos Curve - all out of my price range!) so thought I may as well have a look at this brand has to offer, especially as I was so impressed with the advertising campaign. Usually with these TV catalog type plus size adverts its for the over 40s, like the only people who can be fat are those that are old! Which of course isn’t true! You can be fat, fab and fashionable at any age!

I first looked at what tops they had to offer… I’m a nightmare, whenever I go shopping I always, always end up buying dresses and skirts, and maybe the odd pair of trousers if I find any that fit my uncannily long legs, big thighs and wibbly belly, but I ALWAYS forget that I need tops to wear with skirts and trousers. Something that isn’t helped with the fact I have a rather ample bosom…

Unfortunately I was not a fan of their tops. Its everything I hate about plus size offerings from the high street. Big black shapeless t shirts that resemble rubbish bags, with supposed ‘grungey’ and ‘edgy’ graphic geometric prints on them. always styled with the fat person’s obvious best friend - black leggings.

Now I’m not hating on leggings, not at all, but the fashion world seems to think this is all we want from plus size clothing! Yes I’m fat but no, I do not want a tent covering my gut and fat tits, and no I don’t want to accentuate my legs by adorning them in black leggings. I am a fashionable lady. There is more to my wardrobe than black tops and lycra cotton blend bottoms…. It really, really winds me up!

Anyway, while I seethed quietly supping my cup of tea, I remembered a dress I saw in the advert, a lovely red tartan skater dress. Completely faithful to the 90’s fashion resurgence I clicked dresses and was pleasantly surprised this time around. There were of course the token black shift dresses, but surrounding them were sexy little gems like the clingy cowl neck dress I included in the photos, and the ridiculously popular aforementioned tartan dress. The amount of people I follow on instagram lusting after this dress is frankly awesome! (It also comes in a skater skirt version too which I think I personally prefer)

It’s so refreshing to see some clothing designed for young plus size women, that is fun, and true to what’s currently on trend. I’m not a huge follower of the grunge fashion going on at the moment, but I really appreciate the effort Pink Clove have gone into in finding something (at least in the dress and skirt section) to supply the needs and demands of all women!

Personally I love all the gorgeous clingy pencil dresses and skirts with sexy splits, but you all know I’m a sucker for a vintage cut.

I’m yet to buy from Pink Clove, so can’t comment on the fit and quality myself, but I have been told that so long as you measure yourself properly and use the sizing charts on each item then stick to the size it tells you. The quality is reasonable, not dissimilar to New  Look and H&M.

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